Saturday, June 29, 2013

Uninformed Voter

Someone once told her she needed to add oil to the engine.
She also voted for Obama because someone told her she needed too.
And she'll vote for Hillary...

If This Weren't So Stupid, It'd Be Funny

If you think there's a bunch of idiots working at the IRS these days, there's at least a few more working at the USDA.  Seems as though the morons in the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service division found out a few years back that Marty Hahne out there in Ozark, Missouri is a magician and that he uses a three pound live rabbit in his act.  Back then Marty was doing a show for a bunch of kids at the local library and an off-duty USDA animal inspector was there and busted him for not having a license for his rabbit.  Well, Marty got himself an official USDA rabbit license and he hasn't had a problem since...'til the other day when he got an eight page letter from the USDA.

Seems as though some rabbit lovin' nimrods at the local USDA office say's that by July 29 Mr. Hahne needs to have in place a written "disaster plan", detailing all the steps he would take to help get his rabbit through a disaster, such as a tornado, fire, flood, nuclear accident, etc.  These dummies not only want to know how he will protect his three pound furry assistant during a disaster, they also want to know what he will do after the disaster, to make sure his rabbit gets cared for properly.  And if Marty doesn't have this written "rabbit disaster plan" in place by the end of July, he's subject to fines and possible jail time.

Like I said folks, if this weren't so stupid, it'd be funny.

Speaking of funny, Bob McCarty at suggests that Marty's disaster plan should be just a simple tag tied around the rabbit's neck with instructions on what to do after the disaster strikes...


One of the best ways I know for killing time while I wait for life to shower me with meaning and happiness...

serene gifs pencils Twenty Beautifully Serene GIFs

Inspired by "PBH2"

Get Up

"You can't cross the sea merely by sitting here and staring at the water."

Lake Ontario (Fred Kellerman)

Inspired by "LIKE COOL"

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Baaack

Flew in to the woods in Maine and visited family and friends.  Went fishing.  Drove three hours on a paved road, half an hour on a dirt road, and then walked half an hour through the woods to the lake.  Fished for four hours and then drove home.  Spent $15.00 for a one-day non-resident fishing license.  Spent $40.00 for gas for the trip. Spent all day fishing with my brother and caught just one fish...PRICELESS!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Need Some Air

Why do I get the feeling I'm drowning...

Inspired by "Moving Pictures"

For Em

I wonder why this reminds me of my grand daughter Emily...

Inspired by "Moving Pictures"


For at least the last 100 years Progressives have been trying to control (CTRL) the American way of life with bureaucratic collectivism.  Our government has gotten so big that just about every facet of our lives has been altered (ALT).  And if the direction this country is going is not changed and the bureaucratic nightmare in Washington is not repaired soon, then the United States of America will be deleted (DEL) from the face of the earth.

Then the real question will be, when someone pushes CTRL+ALT+DEL and then hits the START button, will we again see the red, white and blue colors of this great nation, or will the virus have been so bad that the only thing left is just a big blue screen?

Let Allah Decide

Sarah Palin, when asked about the fighting in Syria said, "Let Allah sort it out".  I kinda gotta agree...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Haircuts And Hugs

Hey, all you dummies at City Hall in Hartford, Connecticut.
The guy's 82 years old.
He's been giving free haircuts for 25 years.
He's never had to have a permit before.
Now he needs a permit if he wants a hug?

HARTFORD, Conn. — An 82-year-old barber who has been giving free haircuts to the homeless in exchange for hugs for 25 years has been kicked out of a park by city health officials.

Anthony "Joe the Barber" Cymerys has been a fixture every Wednesday for years at Bushnell Park, where he cuts hair and his friends hand out food to the needy.  But shortly after Cymerys set up shop this week, he said, health officials and police confronted him and his friends and told them they had to leave because they didn't have permits.  "I thought it was a drug raid, honest to God," Cymerys said. "It was the peanut gallery on TV where everyone was watching."

City officials had no immediate comment. A spokeswoman for Mayor Pedro Segarra said she expected to release a statement about Cymerys by the city's Health and Human Services Department or police department later Thursday.

Cymerys, who learned how to cut hair growing up and isn't a licensed barber, said he wasn't completely surprised by officials' actions because they've asked him before to leave the park and other areas. He hopes to continue cutting hair for free at the Immaculate Conception Shelter. He said he always takes health precautions including soaking his trimmers in alcohol.  "Twenty-five years I've been giving haircuts, and no one died on me," he said.

His friends questioned the city's actions, saying officials kicked him out of the park only a year after honoring him for his humanitarian work.  "It's kind of ironic that a year ago the mayor was giving him a citation for all the good work he's been doing with the homeless there and they kick us out," said George Pfuetzner, who gives out food at the park while Cymerys cuts hair.

Pfuetzner said he was trying to get in touch with a city health official Thursday to discuss his and Cymerys' options. They want to keep operating in the park because it's a central location and people know they're there.

Cymerys, of Windsor, began giving free haircuts to the homeless in the city around 1988, when he was volunteering at a shelter. He said he met a heroin addict named Arnold who needed a haircut, so he offered his services.  "I said, 'Geez, Arnold. Not only are you a bum, you look like a bum. How about I bring in my clippers?'" Cymerys recalled.

Cymerys, a retired businessman, said his father cut his hair as a child, and he took it up.  "It's all about inspiring people to do things for the least of our brothers," he said.

Inspired by "The Oregonian"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Director

I think we should raise J. Edgar Hoover from the dead and appoint him Chief of the NSA.  He spied on the politicians.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mr. Gowdy Goes To Washington

An Exciting Wedding

Open, Says Me!

Quote Of The Day

“There is a vast difference between Watergate and the current IRS scandal. Forty years ago, what was described as a cancer on the presidency and government itself was limited to a president and a close circle of advisers and aides. Today, the cancer has metastasized. It pervades an increasingly intrusive government in its relentless pursuit of political and economic power. There are those who believe that a political party can preside over that process and still not be held accountable. That is why they will insist it is not as bad as Watergate, and that is precisely why they are so wrong.”

This was a quote from an editorial in the Washington Times by Warren L. Dean Jr.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


The NSA intercepted the following e-mail today...

The Honorable George W. Bush
Former President
Crawford, Texas

Dear George,

I use George instead of president because, well, Michelle tells me that it is confusing for me as the president to call another person president. I think you understand this a lot better than Bill that you can only have one president at a time.

Also, I am sending this letter to Crawford instead of Dallas because I read recently you were mountain biking at your ranch (that reminds me I need to start looking into where I am going to live after I am done here, and I promise I won't be moving to Texas because who knows when that will turn blue).

For starters, I wanted to say it was great seeing you at your presidential library opening. What a great event, and please tell your dad hi for me. He is a great guy, and I love that your mom said the country doesn't need any more Bushes. I think that will be true about Obamas, especially after this last couple of weeks. I feel like you must have felt before you left office.

And now for the purpose of this letter (I know you are rolling your eyes and saying, "just get to the point," but you know me: I can be a little long-winded at times): I wanted to say I am sorry.

I am sorry that, as a United States senator and presidential candidate, I was critical of you about so many things I now, myself, am doing.
I am sorry about saying Guantanamo would be closed immediately and it was a blight on America. It is still wide open for business.

I am sorry for criticizing you and your administration for intrusions on American's privacy and invasions into personal liberties. My NSA took what you did and put it on steroids.

I am sorry for criticizing the way you waged the war on terror. I have personally approved a number of drone strikes and actually have said it is OK to kill an American on foreign soil without due process. I know you are probably saying, "Aren't you the expert on the Constitution?" but, as you know, being president is hard work.
And, by the way, between you and me, I know your vice president was probably upset my administration got Osama Bin Laden (I get the sense he might have some anger issues and I sure wish he would have kept quiet like you have), but it was really thanks to you and my continuation of your national security policies.

I am sorry for all my overheated rhetoric about your administration not being transparent and saying my administration would be the most transparent in history and most open to the media. Boy, was I off on that one, and certain reporters at the Associated Press and Fox News don't seem to understand why we might put them under secret scrutiny.

Well, George, that is probably all you have time for, and I hope you accept my apology. You can take heart that, even though I am a Democrat, I decided to keep going nearly all your vision and plans on national security and even take it to all-new levels.
One day, I hope someone can follow a path as president that doesn't constantly use the ends to justify the means, but that is going to take a leader strong enough to be more compassionate and follow the principles of your and my buddy JC. Can you believe his "love your enemies" line??? With our luck, it will probably be a woman who finally does that as president.

Take care, and hope you will stay quiet until I leave office because Bill never stops talking.


Barack Obama

P.S. You will be happy to know The New York Times is now attacking me for all the same stuff I attacked you on. Crazy.

Home Cyber Home

This is the National Security Administration's new one million square-foot, $1.9 billion data storage facility in Utah. This is where you and I and every other American now reside.  No, really.  This facility contains all the data that we currently generate and will generate (until we die) on our cell phones, computers, tablets and any other digital device we use for communications.  As soon as I hit the "Publish" button for this blog posting, this little insignificant piece of creative writing will be sitting in a building in Utah. And just imagine, as soon as you post your next comment on Facebook, you'll be right there beside me.

It's amazing what modern technology has accomplished.  The population of the United States of America is currently over 316 million people and now we all live together in Bluffdale, Utah.    

Quote Of The Day

Karma's Janitor
Also known as @iowahawkblog, tweeted the following...

"Govt has to scrape all your phone calls and emails because govt forgot to enforce immigration law on 20 expired visas in 2001."

Quality Time

Friday, June 7, 2013

Party Line Time

I don't know why everyone is getting all bent-outa-shape about the National Security Agency keeping a record of all phone calls made in this country.  Everyone is screaming bloody murder about loosing their right to privacy and the government has no right to do what they're doing.  

Well folks, just thank your lucky stars you didn't grow up in rural American back in the 1950's and 60's like I did.  Back then we had what was called a "Party Line" phone system.  Simply put, our phone and the several people living in our neighborhood shared the same copper wire that connected all the houses on our road.  Each person on the party line had their own number consisting of short and long "rings".  To talk to a neighbor you picked up the receiver on the old crank phone and cranked the sequence of rings for that neighbor.  The problem was "everyone" on the party line heard the ringing and if they wanted to hear what you and your neighbor were talking about they simple picked up their receiver and "listened in".  "Doris" was the little old lady that was on our party line that always listened in on calls.  She lived alone and had nothing to do all day except listen in on other people's conversations.  I remember many a time my mother yelling into the phone, "Doris, get off the line".  

Also, if you wanted to make a call outside your neighborhood party line, you had to "ring" one long long continuous ring which was heard  by the "operator" in our small town who had a "switchboard" usually located right in the home where she lived.  The operator heard you ringing the switchboard and she would plug a small cable into a hole in the switchboard which would connect her to you.  By the way, I never heard of a "he" switchboard operator.  Anyway, she would ask who you wanted to talk to and then plug a different small cable into a different hole in the switchboard and "ring up" the person you wanted.  Once she heard you and the other person talking she switched her headphones off so that you could have a private conversation.  Yea, right.  I heard my mother complain many a time about the phone conversation she had the night before being talked about all over town the next day.

One other inconvenience of the party line was that only one person at a time could talk.  If you wanted to make a call and someone else was on the line, you had to wait until they hung up before you could make a call.  If it happened to be an emergency you had to break into the conversation and tell the other two people to hang up.  One time my dad was real sick and my mother had to break in and tell a neighbor to hang up so she could call old Doc Higgins to come make a house call.

Speaking of old Doc Higgins.  If you ever went to his office for a visit his nurse Miss Daisy made sure everyone in town knew what ailed you by the end of the day.

So folks.  Suck it up.  Your personal privacy ends as soon as you have any form of communication with any other person.  You may wish that anything you say will be held in confidence, but in this digital age of cell phones and internet it ain't gonna happen.  And if you ain't got nothing to hide, what's the big deal?    

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's Our Fault

I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat or something in between.  I don't care if you're an old fat white man or a young skinny black woman or something in between.  The next time you complain about one of those crackpot politicians or bungling bureaucrats in Washington and wonder who's fault it is...IT'S OUR FAULT.  It's our fault because we didn't have the courage of this brave lady.  And when the system comes crashing down around our ears, we'll wish we had taken the time to listen to what she had to say...  

Bravo Becky

Wake Up America

In 1956 President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized the construction of the Interstate Highway System which for all intents and purposes caused railroad service, both passenger and freight, to decline dramatically.  Today, if you want to ship something from coast-to-coast you use tractor-trailer which uses the interstate system or you send it by air.  If you want to travel coast-to-coast you either fly or drive on the interstate system.  You certainly do not take the train.  I looked it up.  If you took a passenger train from New York City to Los Angeles the trip would take you over 67 hours.

How would you like to go from New York City to Los Angeles in 10 hours on a train.  Central Japan Railway Company has begun testing their latest "bullet" train which will attain speeds in excess of 300mpr.  They have been operating high speed trains since 1964 and are in direct competition with China in high speed rail service.  China currently has passenger trains that run at 270mph and use magnetic levitation technology instead of wheels on tracks.  Japan's 300mpr bullet trains will also run on the latest magnetic levitation technology.    The fastest passenger train currently running in the U.S. is Amtrak's Acela with a top speed of 150mph, though the average is half that speed.  Passenger trains in the U.S. are still running on wheels, the same technology used in the 1800's.

Wake up America.  We're getting left behind.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Divorce And Impeachment

Have you ever thought about divorce and impeachment?  I mean, they're quite similar if you stop and think about it.  Marriage is when two people promise this and this and this, to each other.  You know, "'til death do us part".  And when one of the participants decides they don't want to live together 'till death anymore, divorce papers are filed.  Getting elected President is when two people promise each other something. The candidate promises to do this and this and this, and the voter promises to vote for the candidate (well sorta).  And when the voter decides for whatever reason that he cannot live anymore with the person he elected as President, he demands impeachment.

A divorce proceeding usually boils down to "He said" and "She said" and the judge has to decide who to believe.  There are a lot of divorce proceedings compared to very few impeachment hearings, but it basically amounts to the same thing.  In the case of a presidential impeachment, the witness says, "He did that" and the President says, "I didn't do that" and the Senate Judiciary Committee has to decide who to believe.  But, no Congress of the United States is going to try and convict a President of the United States on the basis of someone saying, "The President did that" and the President saying, "No I didn't".  The pundits and bloggers and ditto heads can bloviate all they want about the similarities between Barack Obama and Richard Nixon, but impeachment proceedings ain't gonna happen.  It all might make titillating news, but that's about all.

However, someone come up with a recording of the President incriminating himself, and that's a whole different ballgame.