Saturday, June 27, 2015

Progressive Nirvana

Bet you didn't know that Obamacare provides free medicinal cannabis to all married gay couples...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Who Do You Wanna Be?

This guy, who worked his butt off all day, every day...

MJ Dunking

Or this guy, who sat around all day, every day...

This Guy Not Dunking

Friday, June 19, 2015

Do You Really Wanna Know?

Do you really wanna know why most fast food employees will be replaced by robotics within the next five years?

This afternoon I went though the drive-thru at McDonald's because I was in a hurry and all I wanted was an unsweetened ice tea. The associate handed me my tea and I pulled ahead and stopped to put the straw in the cup.  The lid on the cup was bulging because it was packed full with ice and I couldn't even begin to put the straw through the slot in the lid.  Even though I was in a hurry I parked my car and took the cup of ice inside to the counter.  I handed the cup of ice and straw to the associate and asked if she would put the straw in the cup for me.  She looked at me as if I was some kind of nut job but took the cup anyway.  When she noticed the bulging lid and cup packed full of ice she just grinned.  Then, instead of dumping half the ice out and giving me the appropriate amount of tea and ice, she threw everything away and gave me a new cup of tea.  

I guarantee a robot would have put the correct amount of ice in my cup.  I would not have been an aggravated customer and McDonald's would not have wasted a cup, some ice, and some tea.    

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Memories Of Maine

I was born and raised in the state of Maine.  So when I ran across the headline "Feds Spend $150,000 to Teach Rural Mainers How to Cook", I just had to read about my hard earned tax dollars at work.  Seems as though the U.S. Department of Agriculture has given grant money to the University of Maine to provide cooking and nutrition classes to low-income residents to "dispel the myth that healthy food tastes boring". The project seeks to build the confidence of "rural Mainers" so they can cook healthy meals. The project guidelines also state that the cooking lessons will be "culturally and socially sensitive".

As I read this article it brought back childhood memories of being a member of a "low-income" family living in a big farmhouse in "rural" Maine and eating one of my favorite meals...homemade bake beans.  My mother always made them with Maine yellow eye beans, molasses, brown sugar, salt pork, and mustard.  To go with them we had "red" hot dogs and hot sliced B&M Brown Bread right out of the can.  And even though we had beans just about every Saturday night, they never got "boring".  And I don't remember anyone from the University of Maine having to teach my mom how to cook them.  I do remember one thing though.  About 2-3 hours after eating a double helping of those delicious beans, the air in that old farmhouse wasn't very "culturally or socially sensitive".      

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Don't Care...But I Do

I don't care how you slice it.
I don't care how you dice it.
I don't care how you shave it.
I don't care how you paint it.
I don't care how you pump it.
I don't care how you Photoshop it.
I don't care if you call it Caitlyn.
I don't care if you call it Bruce.
All I know is...
 It ain't a man.
It ain't a woman.
But it is a sad thing cause...
It's still a 65-year-old grandfather.